Bush Adventurer 3 Point Sling

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High quality 3 point sling

Makes hunting easier than ever. Provides extra safety, makes your firearm easy to carry and ready to shoot anytime. Especially designed for long distance hunting walks. Reduces back, neck, shoulder pain. The high quality strap's patented design eliminates the twist in the buckles. 


360 g




100% polyamide. This custom-designed high-quality strap prevents any twisting in the buckles. Melting point over +200°C

Strap pad

Polyamide fabric with double polyurethane impregnation. Moisture resistance: 1000 mmWC. Filler: polyethylene foam with a closed cell structure, foamed on a vertical furnace. Any crease is smoothed out in a week. Increased buoyancy.

Touch fastener (Velcro)

10 000 opening/closing cycles.

Plastic buckles

Heavy-duty frost-resistant acetal

Breaking load



1600  kg


300 kg

Metal hooks

160 kg

Plastic side release buckle (for emergency drop)

120 kg

Other plastic buckles

200 kg


Dry clean with a brush. If heavily soiled, use soap and warm water. After using the sling in high-humidity conditions, wipe moisture off the metal hooks and parts and grease them (for example, with WD-40) to prevent corrosion. Do not machine wash or use aggressive detergents. Do not apply high temperature to dry the product! Do not store in humid places or in direct sunlight.