X7 Rifle Ammo Pouch (Silent pouch)

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- performance from high-quality materials (synthetic fabric with a density of 1000D, 100% Nylon, high-quality synthetic straps, waterproof threads of increased strength);

- envelope design for easy, quick access to ammunition with the possibility of "blind" access without visual control;

- nests for cartridges made of synthetic tape for strong and reliable retention of ammunition, operational extraction;

- placement of sockets for cartridges with the “through one” option for easy and quick access to ammunition;

- closing the pouch on magnets - silent use

- loops in the back of the pouch made of synthetic slings for carrying the pouch on a belt or the free part (without pouches) of a hunting bandoleer;

- the ability to use without fixing on the belt when hunting from ambitions or towers;

- decoration with contrast embroidery of a deer on the product valve.
Size: 13 * 10 cm

Weight: 70g