Tough bush adventurer Magnetic Stretch Belt

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Flexible, highly durable outdoor and everyday belt. made for tough outdoor use. 

 the belt can be adjusted 1 size down. from the original size. 


Size: M – 163 gr, XL – 182 gr, 5XL – 227 gr





Nylon braided latex. Lengthening ratio: 30%. 38 mm wide.

Fastener buckle

Fidlock V-buckle 25*40 mm. Neodymium magnet with a life span of at least 30 years.

Breaking load



900  kg

Fastener buckle

70 kg


Dry clean with a brush. If heavily soiled, use soap and warm water. 

Do not machine wash or use aggressive detergents. Do not apply high temperature to dry the product! Do not store in humid places or in direct sunlight.