Naqwa Reusable Water Filter

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Naqwa reusable water filter provides high quality drinking water to people in remote areas, emergency situations and expeditions where drinking water supply is limited or often is not available at all. 

AUSTRALIA. SILLIKER - a Merieux NutriSciences Company, NATA member, Blackburn, Australia.
AUSTRALIA. SILLIKER Australia Melbourne Laboratory, NATA member, Blackburn, Australia.
AUSTRALIA. NATA Scope of Accreditation.
AUSTRALIA. Silliker Accreditation.
AUSTRALIA. Silliker Certificate of a Manufacturer.
AUSTRALIA. Silliker Licence to Manufacturer Therapeutic Goods.
  • The  safest "open" type water filter!
    No bacteria growth is possible inside NAQWA SWR (patented).
    You can never be sure with other more than 90% of  "closed" type water filters on the market.
  • Human Cell Technology
    The NAQWA recoverer utilizes the water processing technology of a human cell!
  • Instant drinking water
  • Green: No chemicals used
  • Productive: up to 50L/day
  • Unique Annual Capacity: up to 20000L
  • No Power needed
  • No change of cartridge needed
  • Portable
  • Weight: 95/65g (with/without case)

Used by anyone who enjoys hiking, camping or hunting all over the world