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This pouch is great for outdoors, traveling or just everyday use. It's heavy duty and durable.

It fits a 1L water bottle and has a  hidden pocket for your valuables.

The strap can be changed for right or left-hand carry.




300 g




Polyamide fabric with double polyurethane impregnation. Moisture resistance: 1000 mm water column



100% polyamide. This custom-designed high-quality strap prevents any twisting in the buckles.


 Heavy-duty spiral polyester elements

Touch fastener (Velcro)

10 000 opening/closing cycles.

Plastic buckles

Heavy-duty frost-resistant acetal

Breaking load



1300  kg


300 kg

Plastic side release buckle (for emergency drop)

100 kg

Other plastic buckles

200 kg


Dry clean with a brush. If heavily soiled, use soap and warm water. After using the sling in high-humidity conditions, wipe moisture off the metal hooks and parts and grease them (for example, with WD-40) to prevent corrosion. Do not machine wash or use aggressive detergents. Do not apply high temperature to dry the product! Do not store in humid places or in direct sunlight.