Leather butt-stock cover

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Leather buttstock 6 rounds 12g-16g-20g
made with two type of genuine leather.

 The dark skin of a smooth "chocolate" color is used on parts bearing the main functional load, has sufficient density and rigidity, the leather thickness is 3-3.5 mm.

- Soft, elastic skin, pleasant to the touch, tight-fitting shape, processed using special technology and textured under old leather to maintain the specified style and create the feeling of an old, expensive thing for the owner.

Of the functional features of the buttstock cover, an ergonomic bosom protruding from the right side and an accordion sewn onto the buttstock cover for 6 rounds of 12-16-20 caliber.
the second layer of genuine leather, open sections of the product are treated with a special coloring compound that protects the ends of the leather from moisture.

weight: 250 g.